Bonsal Capital tilts to underrepresented founders in evolved era

In venture capital these days, it is in vogue to talk about backing diverse or underserved founders. It is wholly another matter, however, to authentically do something about it, to indelibly shift investment strategy in more culturally representative and ultimately successful ways. Today, less than 10% of venture funding goes…

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A reflection on an American tragedy, a market reset, and a career pivot

For me and millions of other Americans, 2001 was a year that encompassed a full spectrum of emotions, milestones, and opportunities.

The morning of September 11, 2001 is one that most Americans who are today at least 30 years old will indelibly recall. I, like most of us, remember exactly…

Avail Place, Purpose, and Process with differentiated startup support

For a century and a half, Towson University (TU) has been authentically serving all manner of students for careers in education, healthcare, business, communications, and a plethora of other industries. Add entrepreneurship and startups to this mix and the affect is no less sincere but whose continuum is considerably shorter…

Frank Bonsal III

Teacher-Coach turned Investor-Coach focused on the future of learning and work. ✊

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